Our Brands

We aim to provide thought provoking, global media that inspires our audiences and brings about independent thought.

Our Brands:

Developing best in class, factual content for unique audiences, from across the globe.

Providing impartial analysis and aiming to start conversations on important issues, our brands are focused on those that are underserved by traditional media in their region.


Iran International

Our flagship news brand, Iran International aims connect the 80 million people who live in Iran and the 10 million Iranians living outside the country

Why Frontier Markets

We believe that frontier markets offer our brands the ideal spaces to have the biggest impact possible and reach out to new and hungry audiences. It's key to our values of always looking forward and leading the way, and reaching our users in new and exciting ways.

Our Brands in Numbers

A growing network, driven by global impact.


Discover our next venture in the Frontier Market

We're constantly expanding into new territories, so check back soon to see how we've grown.

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Collaborative by nature, we are always looking for new partners to work with and find innovative ways of bringing untold stories to our audiences.

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